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Shadow by InkedGoddess
Mature content
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A bagel... by InkedGoddess A bagel... :iconinkedgoddess:InkedGoddess 1 0
Mature content
Wworthless Child *Dualscar X Child!Reader* :iconinkedgoddess:InkedGoddess 3 0


Silent Treatment (Older!Armin ArlertxReader)
You couldn’t find the right words to say to him.
There were so many ways that you could have apologized. At first, you wanted to argue the reasons why you had abandoned your post. Surely if he had heard about the opening that was one-in-a-million that he would have understood your position completely. But you knew this man better than anyone else to believe that he would fall for that.
Guidelines were strict, objectives simplistic: anyone who didn’t cooperate efficiently would be jeopardizing the mission. Titans were not to be messed with under any circumstances. In the case that there had to be a break in formation for some odd reason, you had to let another member know about it first.
By definition of following guidelines, you decided over your best intentions and went with your gut.
You jeopardized the mission.
No matter how many times you debated even the most brilliant aspects of leaving your post to kill an occupied titan it still made you feel guilty. After missing y
:iconaquaticargolis:AquaticArgolis 173 33
Dirty Misunderstandings (Armin x Reader) Office AU
Armin Arlert is a gentleman. He is kind and sweet and so adorable for his age. 
However, the one key thing about him is that he is really just too innocent. At this age even, his purity is too much to handle and it represents that of a 4-year-old's. He has even earned the nickname Virgin Armin by his fellow co-workers because of how innocent he was. He never understood the dirty jokes that some of them made and he always blushed a deep scarlet when someone said the word sex
Having someone like him as a boss though is quite nerve-wrecking...
"Armin, sir, is it okay if I place these documents down on your table?" You questioned as you struggled with the heavy stack of papers.
"Oh yes, thank you {Name}." He responded as he was typing. That was until he saw how many packets of paper you were holding. They piled higher than your shoulders and you were wearing high heels that day so it was difficult to keep your balance and walk normally. Armin and his
:iconlauntisu:Launtisu 166 148
I Lied... Armin x Reader (fluff/romance)
"Nnnn!" You gritted your teeth in frustration, "NNNGGHH!" Your arm stretched to its extent, reaching up with all your might. The shelf above was just out of reach. Your fingertips scraped against the spine of the ancient brown book above you, but though you strained, you could not get it down; it was firm and snug against the others on the shelf. "Gah!" You puffed in anger, clenching your fists. Why did the books you wanted from the scouts' library always have to be on the higher shelves!?
"AH!" You jumped, startled when a large, pale hand suddenly appeared in front of your face, and you could feel someone's chest on your back. The hand grabbed the book you wanted and brought it down. You turned around with your hand on your chest, still a little jumpy. "Oh, phew...Armin, it's just you."
"H-here ya go (Name)," There stood your old friend. Over the years his dorky, bowl-like haircut had grown out into long soft tresses, and some strands hung in his face. He blushed, cracking a crooked,
:icondimantesreign:DimantesReign 66 20
Between The Silence (Armin x Reader)
A request from Wolfjesyo 
    The palpitating beat of loud music has everything dancing in a rhythmic pulse, draining every bit of your energy as the music picks up with a deafening chorus of various instruments that leaks out of the towering speakers. The movement of bodies becomes tight and the heat makes their skin glow under the dim lighting. You can hardly breathe under the thick blanket of smoke and the strong smell of alcohol, and you could pretty much taste every concoction that sat at every table around the small house. Just watching everyone move around made you sleepy, and you hardly know anyone here. Only some faces are recognisable through the sickening smoke.
    You drink some water and try to look alive, but every time you see a couple kissing or let your eyes wander around the furious dancing of drunk teens it just brought a heavy feeling of drowsiness to every part of your body. You look at your lap and try to relax, havin
:iconjustusgeeks:JustUsGeeks 38 14
Pokemon No (Armin x Reader)
     The thin coat of cotton has never felt so good after a sweet and relaxing shower. Your refreshed skin falls in love with the warmth of the bed and lulls you into relaxation. Breathing in the cold air of the dark room, you nuzzle into the cool pillow and take in the stillness with a deep sigh. An arm cloaks around your torso and brings a lukewarm body up against your back, his breath sweeping the back of your neck. A smile graces your lips as you snuggle into the familiar body and twist into his embrace, cuddling into his neck.
     “Your hair smells really nice,” Armin whispers as he kisses the top of your head.
You giggle and hug him tighter, wanting to feel the special warmth of his body. “Thanks.”
     The two of you mutter sweet words for a while until the breath of night finally pulls your eyelids and seals them. It’s quiet, warm, and you feel protected in the arms of the blond prince. Curling and hugg
:iconjustusgeeks:JustUsGeeks 46 17
All I Want This Christmas (Soldier!Armin x Reader)
Listen to this as you read~ [link]
    As the snow fluttered from the grey clouds into the cold blanket of white on the moist earth, a small shiver ran down your spine. The crackling laughter of the dancing inferno in the fireplace brought you comfort in a wave of warm air, and as the lights of the Christmas tree changed into rehearsed patterns, so did the memories of your mourning mind. The couch is cold against your skin, and its freezing leather flesh causes a shiver to run down your spine. Vacant (e/c) eyes lightly touched each picture that stood above the fire, a ghost of a smile tugging gently at the corners of your mouth.
The painful thread of sadness tightening around your heart almost made you scream.
The year's almost over
It sure looks like December
With snow and ice on the ground
I haven't sent
A single Christmas ca
:iconjustusgeeks:JustUsGeeks 40 12
A Majestic Confession (Drunk!Armin x Reader)
    The peaceful slumber of the warm darkness rumbled behind your eyes, and the aggravating sound of a blaring phone flickered a furious fire. The moon glowed in the fresh night, and the stars twinkling in the midnight sky smiled at the world below in different constellations. The burning stars shook in discomfort as a vibrating song floated in the air, bringing your senses back to reality from the humming slumber that hugged your body in a warm blanket. You tried to ignore the familiar song, tucking your head in the blankets that concealed your exhausted body. The phone vibrated in a quivering rage, but it soon gave up and silenced itself. You sighed as the silence put you to sleep again, but just when the gates of your dream world were about to open, that echoing song dragged you back to reality.
You kicked your bedsheets and yanked your phone from the nightstand, ready to scream at whoever it was on the other side of the receiver.
“Jesus fucking Christ, do you n
:iconjustusgeeks:JustUsGeeks 74 49
Disturbed Passions (Armin x Reader)
     The agitated whereabouts of our hands and lips filled the barrack with a passion that made your clothes cling to your skin and your toes curl in anticipation. The hesitating blond has his fingers in my hair, too afraid to touch anywhere else on my body. He’s panting, his breath lost with each passionate kiss I deliver on his skin. My legs stop him from moving away and even though this dance of intimacy is against the rules, the need to touch him is too strong for me to hold back. He’s too cute sometimes and it’s driving me up the wall. I let my lips travel down to his neck and begin my assault on the clean flesh that’s been teasing me the entire day with teeth marks and deep patches of purple.
     Armin tries to hold in a pained moan, but the slick feeling of my tongue along his collarbone released it from deep within his chest. I smirk against his skin and feel him move my head back for a long, wet kiss. Pink tongues sway in
:iconjustusgeeks:JustUsGeeks 105 39
Heat (Armin x Reader)
       The radiant heat of the air around you is thick and uncomfortable, the sheets making your skin itch. It’s dark, and the only source of light in the room is the moon that shines softly despite your constant turning and annoyed groans into a pillow that’s far too warm to sleep on. You watch your partner beside you and sigh, wishing to know his secret technique against the hot summer night.
       Armin sleeps before you, his hair in a small messy ponytail that shines against the white light of the moon, or perhaps it’s because of the sweat rolling down his forehead. He breathes in deeply and exhales softly as if he’s whispering into the dark room, his chest moving rhythmically. A small whimper rises from his lips and he shifts his body away from you, his voice a low purr that rumbles with restlessness.
       “(Name)…mnn, go back to sleep. I can feel your eyes on me, it’s creepy.&
:iconjustusgeeks:JustUsGeeks 71 22
Daddy likes to worry Pt.2 |Armin xPregnant!Reader|
   Quivering legs paced in a persistent beat back and forth in the hallway outside the delivery room, incoherent mumbles following soon after. The man's train of thought stopped to a halt when a distressing scream called his name from the room he dared not to enter. Armin didn't know what he would do if he did, but he had a good guess he would faint at the first sight of you. The mumbling inside the room got louder, breathless screams interrupting the conversation from reaching his ears. He resumed his pacing, biting on the nail of his thumb while he silently wished for everything to turn out okay.
   Inside the delivery room was utter chaos; doctors screaming orders to each other over your howling voice as the pain in your lower abdomen increased with each passing second. Your vision was hazy with exhaustion, but in the corner of your eye you could see a figure wiping away large amount of sweat from your forehead. Digging your nails into the hospital sheets you ope
:iconjustusgeeks:JustUsGeeks 112 51
Lips (Armin x Reader) AU!
“[Name]….why are you looking at me l-like that?”Armin said as he took his attention from the book he was reading to look at you, a soft blush covering his cheeks as you squinted your (e/c) eyes to look more closely at his lips. They were unrealistically soft and a light rosy pink, plump and juicy. Pouting, you removed your head from his chest and scooted closer to reach his face, cupping it with your hands to get a better look at those taunting, soft lips of his.
“[N-Name]…! What are y-you d-doing?”
“It’s not fair.”
    Leaning down, you kissed him softly, a light gasp from the shy blonde tickling you lips as they stretched into a smirk. He was too adorable sometimes, too much for his own good. You heard his book hit the floor and felt his arms wrap around your waist, pulling you on top of him on the couch as your fingers softly played with his golden hair. Oh, those lips of his – so soft and abs
:iconjustusgeeks:JustUsGeeks 225 42
The Wrong Idea (Armin x Reader)
The door was rough against his ear, but his curiosity demanded for him to listen. At first he thought it was his imagination running wild when he heard unsettling noises coming from a silent door to his right, a door that not a lot of people went through. The noises caused a disturbance in the pit of his stomach and as they got louder, his curiosity caused a buzz within him that wouldn’t let his feet walk away. As he stood there, he listen carefully for any sort of hit that would tell him who was in there, his patience wearing thin.
Connie’s ears took in every sound they could hear, listening in for any names. Suddenly, the sound of shuffling feet accompanied by a few groans caught the young man off guard, his eyes growing wide
:iconjustusgeeks:JustUsGeeks 256 69
hidden desires [armin x reader]
Armin was laying in his bed, reading a book when he suddenly realized that he has a girlfriend, but he never had his first kiss. He placed the book on the bed and thought for a little bit. What if you didn’t love him enough because he never kissed you? But you’ve always said that you love him no matter what.
So he doesn’t have to worry. But then again. What if you break up with him because of that?
He had to make this move. But what if he wasn’t a good kisser? What if you already had your first kiss? Honestly said he would never think of these things neither doing them. But Jean has started teasing him about that. So he had to do it. Funny how that thought hit him right when he was reading a book. Guess he will continue it later.
He stood from his bed and went out to find your room. It wasn’t far from his. Armin knocked on the door and waited. What if you weren’t ready or... or you don’t want a ki-
“Armin! Hey come in!” You were sta
:iconvictenstein:Victenstein 105 25
[Armin] [AU] What I'd Rather
Armin x Reader  [ Modern!AU ]
Armin couldn’t explain why he felt so irritated when he saw the scene unfolded before his eyes.
[Name] was chatting happily with another guy, and when he asked her out on a date, her cheerful response of “I’ll think about it”, somehow struck a chord within the blonde.
Unable to concentrate on his studies, he glared hard at his notebook, a small pout forming on his lips as he gripped his pen tightly till his knuckles turned white.
“-min. Armin!”
He looked up when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Worried [e/c] eyes met with his cerulean hues and he immediately straightened his back, forcing his lips up into a smile. “Sorry [Name], did you say something?”
“I was just asking you if you were alright. You look a bit… frustrated?”
“I’m fine…” Putting down his pen, Armin averted his eyes and asked in a quiet voice. “Just now, that guy who asked you out on a date
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 126 35
Bad Boys (Armin x Reader) AU

Language Warning

       "Armin, I'd hate to say it, but you're screwed."
        "Leave him alone, asshole."
        "Fuck off Jaeger, I wasn't talking to you."
        "But you were talking to my best friend, Kirschstein."
        Armin ignores the two temperamental teens as he watches your retreating figure. Christa ruffles Armin's blond locks attempting to gain his attention.
        "It's okay Armin, I'm sure she didn't actually mean it. Every girl says that!" She gives him a reassuring smile and quickly runs off to catch up with you.
        "Armin, I have the solution to all your problems." Armin turns his head to the right and sees his friend Reiner. He has a sickeningly large smile formed on his face.
        "I don'
:iconbeefezoid:Beefezoid 266 48
Armin x Reader |Orange Blossom|
"Armin, you don't need to feel pressured to-"
"N-no! I can do this." he inhales.
You stick out your lip, a pout adorning your face.
It all started out simply enough. You, being Armin's lover - leaned in for a kiss once. However, he ended up getting flustered, and ducked away. With the rejection that came with it, of course you were embarrassed. But Armin felt the embarrassment in tenfold. It had taken about ten good minutes for him to calm down. His face with a bright cherry red, and he was constantly apologizing to you.
You had no idea someone could apologize so much.
But after he finally relaxed, he seemed set on making it up to you.
Leaving you in the position that you were in now.
Armin, much like you; had zero experience in the physical affection department. The most you both would do is hold hands, and that itself took a few months.
"Okay," Armin reassures himself. He puckers his lips, and slowly leans towards you. A few more inches - and your lips would make contact. You await t
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 105 60
I have an ask Pidge blog on tumblr that I just started and I need asks to do! Ask me shit at ask-pidge-gunderson-the-paladin!


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